Hunger, a novel by Knut Hamsun

hunger front cover

From the opening line — It was during the time I wandered about and starved in Christiania: Christiania, this singular city, from which no man departs without carrying away the traces of his sojourn there.Hunger, the 1890 novel by Norwegian author Knut Hamsun, pulls us into the narrator’s inner and outer worlds.  This compelling story of a writer struggling with poverty, despair, and starvation paved the way for the Nordic Noir genre.

Hunger and its author Knut Hamsun have inspired some of the world’s greatest writers.

“Hamsun taught me to write.”

“The whole modern school of fiction in the twentieth century stems from Hamsun. They were all Hansun’s disciples: Thomas Mann and . . . and even such American writers as Fitzgerald and Hemingway.”

“Please God, please Knut Hamsun, don’t desert me now.”
JOHN FANTE, Dreams of Bunker Hill

“I told her that Knut Hamsun had been the world’s greatest writer.”


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Knut Hamsun, born in Norway in 1859, was a novelist, poet, and dramatist who received the Nobel Prize in 1920. Many believe the modern novel was born with the 1890 publication of Hamsun’s masterwork Hunger. Some of the world’s most celebrated authors, including Ernest Hemingway and Franz Kafka, have cited Hamsun as a major influence. He passed away in 1952 at age 92.

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