WINDY CITY SINNERS, a magic realism crime novel by Melanie Villines


Part crime caper à la Donald Westlake, part magic realism tale in the spirit of Gabriel García Márquez, part John Kennedy Toolesque hijinks and high comedy, Windy City Sinners offers mystery and mayhem with fun and froth mixed in for good measure. The story takes place on the Far Northwest Side of Chicago, right on the edge of town where the cops and members of the Outfit live side-by-side in perfect disharmony. The unlikely partners in crime include a notorious hitman, a detective in league with a drug kingpin, a vengeful mailman, an embezzling bank clerk, a petty holdup man, a conniving cleaning lady, an embittered priest, and the ghost of composer Antonio Vivaldi.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Born and raised in Chicago, Melanie Villines is a novelist and scriptwriter who lives in Los Angeles.

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