Death at the Excelsior and Other Stories by P.G. Wodehouse


The title story, “Death at the Excelsior,” introduces readers to British private detective Elliot Oaks and his more experienced boss Paul Snyder in P.G. Wodehouse’s only attempt at a detective story, which he pulls off with his signature comic twists and turns. The collection also offers a selection of other classic Wodehouse tales, including those featuring the author’s most famous creations — Bertie and Jeeves.

“Wodehouse is an anodyne to annoyances. He’s a tonic for those suffering from bearable but burdensome loads of boredom, from jadedness of outlook and dinginess of soul.” THE NEW YORKER

“Wodehouse is the greatest comic novelist ever.” DOUGLAS ADAMS

“P.G. Wodehouse’s comic gift was built on his brilliant capacity for repressing unpleasantness.” THE ATLANTIC

“P.G. Wodehouse is literary Prozac…there is no surer antidote to the fantods, the blues, mean reds or damp, drizzly Novembers of the soul.” CHRISTOPHER BUCKLEY

Death at the Excelsior and Other Stories  by P.G. Wodehouse is available in a new edition from Sugar Skull Press at

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