The Haunted Hotel by Wilkie Collins

haunted hotel cover

First published in 1878, The Haunted Hotel is among the later works of Wilkie Collins, famous for his 1868 novel The Moonstone, widely considered as the first modern English detective novel. The Haunted Hotel is notable for its atmosphere–a decaying palace in Venice–as well as intrigue among members of the aristocracy.

“Wilkie Collins invented the genre of the English detective novel.”

“Wilkie Collins is the author of probably the finest detective story ever written.” DOROTHY L. SAYERS

“Collins authored the best detective tale in the world.” G.K. CHESTERTON


Wilkie Collins (1824-1889) is considered the inventor of the modern English detective novel with his book The Moonstone (1868). A contemporary and friend of Charles Dickens, who serialized many of Collins’ works in magazines he edited, Collins is also remembered for his classic mystery The Woman in White.

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